Ronaldo and Messi Transfer to Manchester City – Biggest Robbery in History of Football

The transfer rumors keep coming.  On September 4th, 2011, it was reported in Spain that Manchester City had offered £50 million plus Mario Balotelli to bring Lionel Messi from Barcelona to Etihad Stadium.  Reportedly, Barca rejected the bid.

What makes this interesting is that week after week Manchester City continues to be linked to the world’s best players.  Whether these rumours are true or false, the fact is they are inching closer all the time!  It seems ages ago that City tried to sign a former FIFA World Player of the Year in the Brazilian Kaka.  Although they failed to sign him, £91 million for Kaka meant Man City had arrived.

Manchester City have their eyes set on two players…

Before I get to that, let me remind you that City already nicked one world-class player off Barcelona.  Yaya Toure.  That was waaay back when they supposedly couldn’t pull any big-name signings.  This transfer window saw them add to the likes of Dzeko, Yaya Toure, and David Silva with two new guns Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero.  Other teams linked to these incredible players in the transfer window were Manchester United and Chelsea.  With all the transfer money available to these two giants of world football, City still pulled off the robbery!  And they almost pulled off the biggest robbery EVER when they attempted to lure Wayne Rooney across town not too long ago.  If anyone else other than SAF was in charge, Rooney would be wearing blue today.

Let’s get to the good stuff…

Back in June of this year, news came out that Cristiano Ronaldo was tempted to join Manchester City.  It was reported that he bragged to a friend that it might be interesting to have another go in England, but only if certain demands were met:

  • £400k/week
  • The No.7 jersey and captain’s armband
  • A guarantee that he’ll always be City’s highest paid player
  • Transfer fee equal to the record £80m Real Madrid paid for him two years ago

Ronaldo’s friend claimed that a member of the Sheikh’s family offered him this world record-breaking package and that they were prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to get him.  They even sent him a picture of a Bentley loaded with piles of cash across the back seat and an invitation to Abu Dhabi where he would be treated like royalty.  Ronaldo’s friend went on to claim that he was considering the offer.  The fact is that City denied these claims, and according to them no offer had been made with their knowledge.

All we know for sure is that when Ronaldo said that his dream was to one day play for Real Madrid, he packed his bags and left.  Like his manager at Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, Ronaldo has always left the door open to return to the Premier League.  Not coincidentally, he still has a home in England which he rents to his former Real Madrid teammate Emmanuel Adebayor.  Since leaving Man United, Ronaldo has mentioned numerous times how he has many good friends back in Manchester and still keeps in touch with them.  One of them Sir Alex Ferguson.  If some day Cristiano does sign with Manchester City, hopefully SAF will have retired as that would surely break his heart.

Here’s my take on it.

Now that Ronaldo is living his childhood dream to play for Madrid, La Liga has developed a huge gap between the top two teams and everyone else.  Sadly for him, the level of competition is simply not as high as the Premier League where any team can get a result at any given day.  La Liga’s lower teams are terrible!  It became apparent last year, and will continue this year that Real Madrid will crush any of the lower teams 8-1.  When facing these underpaid, unmotivated players, CR7 will bag 5-6 goals per game.  He and Messi will again battle it out for top scorer except this year they’ll reach for 60 goals a piece!  These stats will look impressive on paper, but the truth is knowledgeable soccer fans will put an imaginary asterisk * next to these records.  Similar to the steroid era in Baseball, except without the actual cheating.

Manchester City Money Facts:

  • Since 2008, Man City have spent £240m on forwards alone
  • Since 2008, Man City have spent £223m on the rest of the squad
  • Grand total in transfer fees Man City have spent since 2008… £460 million
  • £460 million EXCLUDING player wages

The Truth:

  • The quality of the players Man City buys is increasing with every transfer window – Yaya Toure, Tevez, Dzeko, Silva, Nasri, Aguero
  • In La Liga, the gap between the top two teams and the rest will grow even larger
  • If the EPL continues to get richer and more competitive, more stars will leave Spain for the English Premier League
  • Man City and Liverpool have joined the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea as the world’s most powerful clubs

How impossible are these fictional scenarios…

  • This season Cristiano Ronaldo will lead Real Madrid to either a La Liga or Champions League trophy (or both)
  • Barcelona’s season will be deemed a failure by their standards
  • Ronaldo will again strive for top level competition and return to England
  • Ronaldo will have won everything with Real Madrid and sign for Man City or Man Utd
  • Messi will feel the need for a change and to prove himself in a different league and sign for Manchester City
  • Jose Mourinho will again replace Roberto Mancini as he did with Inter Milan and manage Man City
  • Mourinho will replace SAF at Man Utd when he retires

Well, maybe not.  But I know what is possible.  Manchester City will continue to push to sign the biggest superstars of the game in an attempt to buy a Premier League title.

I have two wishes.  One, that La Liga works out their financial issues and becomes the exciting and unpredictable league it once was.  They keep all their big-name players!  Two, if indeed either Ronaldo or Messi decides to give it a go in England, that CR7 chooses Man United and Leo chooses Man City!

Disagree?  Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Raul Meireles Seeing Blue – P.O.T.Y. Moves to Chelsea at Bargain Price

I don’t believe the media.  Most of them are ratings-hungry whores who’ll step over their own mothers just to get a story.  If we’re to believe some of the reports out there today, Chelsea supposedly offered Tottenham over 40 million euros for star midfielder Luka Modrić just as the transfer window closed.  40 mil.  And Spurs turned them down flat.

When it comes to getting the players you need in a tightly-contested transfer window, Chelsea aren’t Arsene-Wenging on the job.  They knew they wanted Modrić from the get-go; they reached out to him to convince him he must leave Spurs, and how the Chelsea project would be perfect with him in it.  By approaching the player, they tried to ensure he’d pressure his team to let him go.  But, as I said, Chelsea aren’t stupid – they had a couple of backup plans.

When it became apparent that the Modrić trade would crumble, the blues contacted F.C. Porto to inquire about João Moutinho.  For those that are a bit unfamiliar with Moutinho, let me give you a brief background:  this kid is a Portuguese National team regular, and came up through the famous (and prolific) Sporting Lisbon youth system.  When Porto traded Raul Meireles to Liverpool last year (by the way, Chelsea were in the running then but lost out to the reds) they went to their Lisbon rivals and basically stole Moutinho from them (a move that would have horrific repercussions for Sporting, who crumbled after losing their captain and best player).  Moutinho was a direct replacement for Meireles in the Portuguese Champions’ midfield, which brings us to Chelsea’s secondary Modrić backup plan…

If you can’t get Modrić and you can’t get Moutinho, you get the guy Moutinho replaced at his old club!  This move is freaking brilliant, if you really think about it:

  • Meireles is as good as Moutinho, even if he is four years older.  At 28, Meireles is in his prime footballing years, and having spent last season as an influential Liverpool player in England, he is already adapted to the realities (and demands) of the Premier League. 
  • Meireles is bigger, stronger, and a better finisher than Moutinho (and Modrić, mind you), and fits perfectly into Vilas Boas’ Chelsea line-up.
  • Raul has played with Bosingwa at F.C. Porto extensively, and the two are current teammates on the Portuguese National team.  They know each other exceptionally well, and will surely combine to create a destructive partnership for Chelsea.
  • And speaking of partnerships, Raul has played with Fernando Torres at Liverpool, and Torres shined when fed by hardworking Portuguese midfielder – remember the 3-0 thrashing of Wolves last year?  Torres scored two, and was assisted on one of those goals by Meireles.  And Raul is a constant threat from outside the box, as was evidenced last year at Liverpool, where he scored six of their top ten goals of the season (see video below)! Having the Meireles threat on the field surely will open up chances for Torres.

  • Getting Meireles now also leaves Chelsea with a bit more room to negotiate Moutinho at a later time, say – and this is completely hypothetical – when F.C. Porto’s greedy, cheating, mob-tied 74-year-old current president Pinto da Costa finally kicks the bucket.  Again, hypothetical.

Don’t get me wrong, folks.  Luca Modrić is a terrific player – one that could probably play first-team football on any of the English clubs at the moment.  His combination of talent, energy, enthusiasm, skill and tenacity are really the perfect formula in an attacking midfielder. 

Take Luka Modrić, remove some of the talent and skill, add in some terrific (at times mesmerizing) goal-scoring ability to that formula… and you have a Raul Meireles.

For approximately 25 million euros less money. 

(You could buy two Mikel Artetas for that price, with some money left overJust saying…)

And so it begins…

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