5 Must-Have Cheats 2016-17 FPL Chips

Ready for the 2016-17 FPL season? Here are 5 Must-Have Cheats for the NEW 2016-17 Fantasy Premier League Chips. Revealed: Top 5 tips for All Out Attack, Triple Captain, Bench Boost, Wildcard.

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• Chips are “boosts” that give you a strategic advantage over your opponent during the season •

The four FPL chips are:

  1. All Out Attack. Play an attack-minded 2-5-3 formation loaded with midfielders and forwards.
  2. Triple Captain. Your captain’s points are tripled instead of doubled.
  3. Bench Boost. Points scored by your bench players are added to the Gameweek total.
  4. Wildcard. All transfers for the Gameweek are free including the ones you already made.

NEW 2015-16 FPL Chips

Only one chip can be played in a single Gameweek including the Wildcard chip. For example, you cannot combine your Wildcard chip with Triple Attack in a Gameweek.

TIP: Consider saving Chips for double Gameweeks.

Chips cheat.

TIP #1: The new chips can be cancelled anytime before the new Gameweek deadline (except Wildcard). This means if you Triple Captain Sergio Aguero and he becomes doubtful the day before the match, you can turn it off and save it for a future Gameweek.


• Play an attack-minded 2-5-3 formation loaded with midfielders and forwards •

This new chip slots in perfectly with our FPL strategy of building a top-heavy team loaded with expensive midfielders and forwards early in the season when we focus on increasing team value.

Having cheap defenders means more funds for high-scoring attacking players.

All Out Attack cheat.

TIP #2: One use for this chip is when you’re short of defenders in a particular Gameweek. Instead of wasting a transfer at the back, go big with 8 attackers – the “Power 8”. You should take into account your attackers’ scoring potential that week before using the AOA chip.

Defenders love red cards 🙂 Instead of wasting a transfer and taking a points deduction, keep the defender on the bench while he serves the suspension and use your All Out Attack chip that Gameweek. The same applies for a player suffering a short-term injury.


• Your captain’s points are tripled instead of doubled •

The Triple Captain chip is probably the simplest. Picking a captain and vice-captain is based on a number of key factors:

  • Player form, momentum
  • Easy fixtures, match-ups
  • Player rotation, fatigue, Champions League
  • Gut instinct

If your captain doesn’t play, the Triple Captain chip is passed to your vice-captain. If neither plays, it’s wasted.

Triple Captain cheat.

TIP #3: Be different. Gamble. If you Triple Captain Sergio Aguero the same week 91% of FPL managers captained him you won’t make much ground. But what if you Triple Captain Shane Long when only 7% of managers captained him and he bags a hat-trick? You’ll fly up the overall standings.


• Points scored by your bench players are added to the Gameweek total •

This chip is pretty cool! Make sure your bench players play 90 minutes consistently before using it. Be especially cautious of a squad player slotting in temporarily while a regular starter recovers from injury. If you use your Bench Boost and the regular starter comes back, you’ve wasted it.

Bench Boost cheat.

TIP #4: Save your Bench Boost chip for the second half of the season when your team value is higher and you have a stronger bench. This chip can also be considered for Double Gameweeks when your chance to score points are doubled. Points from bench players who featured in both games are added to the overall score.


• All transfers for the Gameweek are free including the ones you already made •

The familiar Wildcard feature has now become a chip, but it differs from the other chips in that it can’t be cancelled once active. A significant change has been made to WHEN you can use the Wildcard.

Before. The Wildcard was available twice a season. Once anytime in the first or second half of the season, and once during the January transfer window.

Now. The Wildcard is available twice a season. Once in the first half (before Dec. 28) and once in the second half of the season.

Wildcard cheat.

TIP #5: Suppose you want to use your Wildcard. Instead of playing it at the beginning of the Gameweek, prioritize your transfers and make only the one or two transfers you absolutely need while incurring a points deduction. If later in the week you still want to use your Wildcard, activating it will erase your prior points deduction.

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Fantasy Premier League strategy.

For the past 8 years, our team has finished in the top 1-2% of all players. 2014-15 was our best finish everOverall rank 13,126, top 0.4%. Our strategy is risky. We start slow and build team value by making 1-3 transfers each week. We save on goalkeepers and defenders and load up with expensive midfielders and forwards. By January, we can stack the full team with the most valuable players and come from behind to pull into the top 1-2% of all managers. See our previous finishes HERE.

FPL Final Overall Rank 2014-15

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