2016-17 FPL U90 Overall Rank

GW38 Points: 92PTS! Team Value: £107.4m! 2016-17 FPL season review! Did we make the top 1-2%? Plus, GW38 recap and our summer plans revealed! Thanks everyone for your support. 👍


FPL GW38 Review

GW38: 92PTS! (AVG: 58PTS). Team Value: £107.4m! A wild end to the Fantasy Premier League season! Did we make it into the top 100k?

Upper 90 Studios Overall Rank 127,930 to 119,767! Top 2.6% out of 4.5 million! 🙂

Finish line.

fpl finish lineOur highest Overall Rank this season! But the real accomplishment was doing something we were afraid others wouldn’t agree with. Back in January, as we drowned around 1.28 million in the overall rank, we decided to make drastic changes not only to the team using the Wildcard, but in our approach to the game itself. Muting noisy FPL accounts on social media and having the freedom to choose when to share our full team on the blog released all our Fantasy constraints. This type of test is far more difficult than an FPL rank.

⚽️ Don’t fear other people’s judgement of you, especially if you failed to achieve your personal goals. Failure is just a road bump. Accept the setbacks and start fresh with more knowledge.

The Good.

Harry Kane (34PTS, captain). GOLDEN BOOT! How do you follow a four-goal performance? Hat-trick! Despite selling Diego Costa (4PTS) who registered an assist, our replacement Harry Kane rewarded us with another phenomenal return. Three goals and maximum points for our captain! ⚽⚽⚽ Spurs finished the season with a bang, smashing in 13 goals against Leicester and Hull, but it wasn’t easy for Kane. He deserves full praise for finishing as top scorer after missing eight games through injury. 💪

⚽️ Kane has now scored 71 goals in his last 91 Premier League games for Spurs.

2016-17 fpl gw38 points harry kane

Gabriel Jesus (11PTS). After watching the players we sold put up big numbers last week, we needed them to deliver on the final day. Jesus came through with another goal and an assist, eleven points in back to back games. His teammate Kevin De Bruyne (9PTS) and rival Mesut Ozil (5PTS) contributed a few assists which we are thankful for. Will Jesus lead Manchester City to the title next year?

⚽️ Jesus has never blanked for Man City, scoring 7 goals and 4 assists in 7 games.

2016-17 fpl gw38 points gabriel jesus

Philippe Coutinho (10PTS). GOLAÇO! Another nervous game to watch as Liverpool battled for Champions League football. All that is needed from Coutinho is one moment of magic and he provided it, whipping in a brilliant free kick that earned him two bonus points! Is Barcelona in his future?

⚽️ Coutinho has scored 15 Premier League goals from outside the box, the most since 2012/13.

2016-17 fpl gw38 points Philippe coutinho

Other Standouts: Willy Caballero (6PTS), Kevin De Bruyne (9PTS), Alexis Sanchez (9PTS)

The Bad.

error fpl officialJosh King (injured).Team Value of £107.4m allowed us to wait until closer to deadline before making our planned transfers – Coutinho and Kane. With only minutes to go, we refreshed all the social media accounts and clicked “confirm.”

Another refresh and bang! Josh King (0PTS) posted on his Instagram account that he would miss the final game with injury! 😡

We quickly moved in for Wilfried Zaha (2PTS) for a few reasons:

  • Mourinho said he would field a team with kids
  • Zaha had extra motivation against his old club
  • Crystal Palace’s final league position affects prize money

Another reason for taking a late risk was our bench. Barnes didn’t start and Everton defenders faced Arsenal on the final day, losing 3-1. Our emergency transfer didn’t work out as Zaha blanked. 🙁

bench score gw38

2016-17 Upper 90 Studios Final Overall RankFantasy Premier League 2016/17

Total Points: 2,159

Overall Rank: 119,767

Highest Rank: 119,767

Highest Team Value: £107.7m

Total Transfers: 67

Just missed out on top 100k overall, but we pushed hard until the end. After struggling at 1.28 million overall in January, we fought back to a top 2.6% finish out of 4.5 million. This season has been the toughest yet. When we can’t trust form, it’s more difficult to make accurate predictions. But we admit our mistakes and move on. Looking forward to 2017/18!

We’d love to hear about your season below. 👍

thank you iconThank You!

Thank you everyone for your support! This season has been difficult, but your inspirational words have been a big lift. We’ve met great friends and can’t wait to have you all back next season! Please stay in touch! Thanks!!! 🙂


U90 mini league.

2016-17 U90 FPL Mini League Champion

Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
same CheCheese LC
Anuwat Vaewraveewong
104 2399
same KDBinho
Adnan Hajrulahovič
102 2350
same Best in world
David Nicholson
83 2329
same slap me, slap me
Ustaz Kedir
94 2296
up Welsh Xavi
Simon Yu
101 2294
same Il Magnifico
Vintage Dirac
85 2286
up MourMoney MourProbs!
Paul Jones
92 2281
up Kejriwal ke namune
The One
112 2280
same Fer Fuchs Ake
Lee Groenewald
90 2278
10  same Allen Nation
Alexandros Konstantaras
89 2274

*CONGRATS CheCheese LC – Anuwat Vaewraveewong!

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2017-18 U90 mini league.

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2017 International Champions Cup.

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Fantasy Premier League strategy.

For the past 9 years, our team has finished in the top 1-2% of all players. 2014-15 was our best finish everOverall rank 13,126, top 0.4%. Our strategy is risky. We start slow and build team value by making 1-3 transfers each week. We save on goalkeepers and defenders and load up with expensive midfielders and forwards. By January, we can stack the full team with the most valuable players and come from behind to pull into the top 1-2% of all managers. See our previous finishes HERE.

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2016-17 FPL Season Review! What was your final Overall Rank? We’d love to hear about your season struggles and successes, so please share below. Thanks.

See you this summer and don’t forget to celebrate your wins!